The girls looked amazing, thanks to you. Your attention to their individual preferences really showed. For someone who NEVER wears makeup, Bridget really took a liking to it. You transformed an already beautiful young woman into someone with a dash more elegance. I wanted to thank you for transforming me as well. I too liked the eye makeup that I would never dare to apply by myself. Well, things have changed and I'm dabbling in some shadow and liner these days, thanks to you!

Lori Keating

Thank you so much for creating the perfect makeup look for my wedding day! I could not be more pleased with how my makeup looked on my wedding day and in all of my photos. Thanks so much for creating a fun and relaxing environment for myself and my bridal party.

Nicole Steiness

Thank you so much for helping make this day so special!

Kallie Todara

Thank you so much for helping to make my wedding day everything that I could have hoped for and more. You made me feel so beautiful and yet still natural – just amazing! I will definitely be back for a facial one day soon.


Thank you for taking on the task of beautifying the bridal party and myself. I loved how natural our makeup turned out!

Jamie Whitford

As a low-key person planning a pretty low-key wedding, I initially did not plan on hiring someone to do my makeup for our super small wedding. However, after talking with the wedding planner and friends, everyone said professional makeup was worth it, especially for the photos. I ended up contacting Danielle less than 3 weeks prior to the wedding and she was able to accommodate me. I was so grateful given the time crunch and because our wedding was in Sea Ranch (which some artists were unwilling to travel to) and because it was only for me (other artists would only come if there were at least 3 people getting makeup done). I don’t wear a lot of makeup and have never gotten it done professionally, but as soon as I met Priya the morning of my wedding, she put me at ease and made me feel understood and then made me look beautiful. Even with the wind and occasional rain shower, my makeup up held up very nicely. Thank you Bloom, Danielle, and Priya!

Danielle did a fantastic job on the makeup for my wedding! My bridesmaids and I (and all the mothers) we so happy with the makeup. It really looked lovely, and very natural. My mother-in-law was raving about how great the false eyelashes looked on her (and really, it couldn’t have been done better). Everyone just looked stunning– like an enhanced version of themselves. She was very professional and put everyone at ease. I would highly recommend her for your wedding beauty needs.

Danielle is the absolute BEST person to do your wedding day makeup! She is such a pro! She listened to me regarding “the look” I had in mind and was able to do exactly what I wanted. She has all the best tools and makeup. I know that sometimes people worry that in a small town, like Mendocino, they may not have or do everything you would get in a fancy city salon. But Danielle did above and beyond everything I would have expected if I were in the city, including airbrushing and application of false eye lashes, and helped me look like an “enhanced version” of natural beauty for my wedding day. Not to mention, she is so sweet and easy to talk to! I highly recommend Danielle and Bloom Skincare & Makeup for all of your wedding day beauty needs.